What a perfect day!

I did it. I finally let my portfolio swallow my blog. Blogger is no more. Or at least – not for me. I like to keep things simple and as I already engage in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Dribbble, I took the easy path and made two things one. In a nutshell: This blog is the new place, where I get my thoughts straight and show the world the pretty little things that make my world worthwhile. I don’t know, if you’ve realized it already, I’m blogging in English now. Hell yes! A whole new world opening up.

Eat Hike Live

Today seems to be the day, where everything’s new. So I’m spilling the beans again. You’ve might have seen my book Eat Surf Live. As it was a success, and we’ve already sold almost all the copies (Wow!), we’re now commencing work on a new book entitled Eat Hike Live. The concept will stay the same. But it will be green, green, green, as it will be dealing with the “Green Heart” of Austria – Styria. The place where I’m from. In September, Vera and I started to conquer the place and we were reassured in doing this. It’s pretty here. Sometimes one looses sight of how beautiful your home actually is.


A good friend, currently living in Hamburg/Germany visited me last weekend and I wanted to show her the gems we have here. So I went up to Eisenerz region, where the Leopoldsteiner Lake lies. It got pretty up there. And so I had the pleasure of taking some nice photos.

Blattln Ecke_see Indian_Summer Leopoldsteinersee_fesch LeopoldsteinMond Schen Traumsee Wald

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