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As you might have noticed already – I am a foodie. I love food. There’s nothing bad about that, right? In my eyes, food is among the top three things there are on this planet. Imagine a steak melting slowly on your tongue. Isn’t that simply heavenly? As I love food (I mentioned that already, I know!) I want it to start my day with me, so breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Especially when in the US, I love to celebrate breakfast. No matter how short my stay is, Pancakes, Bagels and Eggs Benedict are a must! I even accept the complimentary muddy water they serve as coffee. (No offense!)

Tampa Bay Food Heaven

So, I got lucky and went to Tampa Bay (Florida) for 5 days. During this period of time I tried to eat as much and as good as I could. And as the food just looked so fantastic, I took a photograph of each and every meal I had. Now I know that you can’t taste the food now, but at least you can have a close look at it and it just looks AWESOME (one of the most used words in the US these times). A pretty mouth-watering experience!


The food I had in Tampa Bay in order of appearance.


The Best Food Places in Tampa Bay

After seeing all of these fabulous meals I can understand that you’ve already booked a flight to Tampa. So I will give you a short overview on the places I most enjoyed the food and ambiance. Just follow this guide and you’ll be more than fine, namely fat and happy!

A good place to get your beach-day started. Unfortunately you can just sit inside. (Which is perfectly alright for the Americans among you, I know!)

A place to see and be seen. And eat, eat, eat fresh and lovely bread. I was told the ice-cream and sweets are tasty too!

Eating lunch at a huge hotel. Really? Really! The lobster Mac’n’Cheese will reassure you!

A historic place with a lot of charme and the best She-Crab-Soup you’ll get!

Eating gator and dancing to Reggae music under the silvery moon – slick!

A true diner with fabulous breakfast and tasty bacon. And more bacon!

A big, loud place where you get an impression of how much hispanic influence lies in Ybor city.

Wine and dine! They even have Austrian wine on their menu. And some kick-ass starters too!

The highlight of the week: Oxford Exchange was once part of the Tampa Bay Hotel – now it is the prettiest place to get breakfast, tea, books or gifts. As we Austrians tend to say: “I’ll be back”.


What should we get at Cassis? Hard decision!



The fancy cakes remind me of Paris and Vienna!




Stylish Oxford Exchange turned out to be my favorite spot of the trip!

Oxford_Exchange1 OxfordExchange4


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