Secret Space City

This October I embarked on an interesting mission. Well – it started in Vienna International Airport. An airport I used to know quite well, but which has changed almost completely over the last few month. As I despise change as far as airports are concerned and prefer it the old – logic – way I got lost already before I checked in. Good for me: Even the people at the information stand weren’t able to provide me with decent information on where to check in. Luckily I proceeded to the gate and there everything still looked like good old ugly Vienna airport. Have we already talked about my detest of airports and my love for train stations? Not yet? Well – I should gather some pretty photos of train stations then.


The forbidden city

We arrived in Kiew, the capital. I only saw it painted black. Large apartment houses. Soviet style. Nothing more to add. The next day we flew down to Dnipropetrowsk and I was happy to see that the sun also shines down on Ukraine. The most important thing about Dnipropetrowsk was the town’s focus on space science. Building space shuttles, rockets, Sputnik and therelikes. Pretty cool stuff, as the majority of us can still remember the great Kosmonauts. This is the reason, why Dnipropetrowsk developed into a forbidden (closed) place. Nobody from outside the USSR was allowed to enter it. Nobody! Isn’t that something? I mean: Isn’t there a hell lot of images around spying, secrets and … well… space going on in your head right now? In mine there is!



Alone in Ukraine

As I was engaged on a press trip through Ukraine some tight schedule awaited me. First, we only had the change to see exactly the places that Ukraine Tourism picked for us. In Dnipropetrowsk’s case this was a place right next to Dnepr river, where a beautiful bridge spans over the water. BTW: This was the first bridge that was entirely glued together. They used the same glue for it that they used for space ships. Or part of it. Nice. But not THE Ukraine I wanted to see. I wanted to stroll down the city’s streets and find out, how the Ukraines live. Where they drink their coffee, their beer or rather, their vodka. And we got lucky: Out chief master of the travel group allowed us 20 minutes in the heart of Dnipropetrowsk. This was my time. I got my camera and took these pictures that show a city that was hidden for 50 years. Or at least a sneak peak of it.

dnetnopetrovsk_straba dnetnopetrovsk_standl dnetnopetrovsk_space dnetnopetrovsk_lenin dnetnopetrovsk_lady dnetnopetrovsk_haus dnetnopetrovsk_fischer dnetnopetrovsk_cafe dnetnopetrovsk_bau dnetnopetrovsk_auto


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