The Sound of Cornwall

Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist

Well, travelling through Cornish lands isn’t always that easy. The roads are narrow, especially when driving through places that are even called “Mousehole”. But also on the countryside, Cornish roads turned out to be special. They have stony walls on each side. They look good, because – as it always happens in Cornwall – something is growing upon them. But still: You have to keep cool while driving on the “wrong” side. So we listened to a lot of music that made us happy and calm at the same time.

Well, after a while we had collected a whole load of music that you can also listen to on our Spotify Eat Surf Live Playlist.

We recommend closing your eyes once in a while and imagining the smell of the sea coming through the open car windows. Then it almost feels like being in Cornwall. Eat Surf Live at it’s best.

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