Too Italian to be true!

Believe me, I’m currently residing in paradise. Normally I lead a life according to Oscar Wilde’s principle: “I have the simplest tastes, I’m always satisfied with the best”. But trust me: This IS the best.


OK – let me break this statement down to the facts: The scent of jasmin is in the air and I’m walking on little Olive tree blossoms when I ascend to the little town of Nerano with its white-tiled church spire. My feet fly even though the steepness of the streets challenge them. I pass little gardens with bright yellow lemons hanging over the ground – ready to be picked. I smell the air and its warmth feeds my inner vagrancy. I’m fully and truly here. Again. After 10 years of vibrant memories I finally followed the call of Amalfi peninsula and took a flight to Naples.


Anker 2WayStreet

The sea is high up, the cliffs seem dangerously steep, but I feel sheltered in the botanical bliss of Italian May sprouts. A new adventure awaits: The walk to Baia di Ieranto takes about 1 hour, but when you try to encounter and name each and every growing flower and tree, you have to double that. At least I now know how to define and name everything between a carob, a spurge and a gorse. And I am enchanted by their colors. But then I arrive at Baia di Ieranto, a spiaggia worthy of its name. Turquoise water and a sandy sweetness do the trick. Just get up your snorkeling gear, you all! And follow the call of Bella Italia!

Nerano_Balcony Nerano_1 Spaziergang8 Spaziergang_RoteSpornblume Wolfsmilch Spaziergang11Spaziergang2 Spaziergang_Wolfsmilch Spaziergang16 Rostfest Bucht


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