Too Italian to be true!


Believe me, I’m currently residing in paradise. Normally I lead a life according to Oscar Wilde’s principle: “I have the simplest tastes, I’m always satisfied with the best”. But trust me: This IS the best. OK – let me break this statement down to the facts: The scent of jasmin is in the air and I’m walking on little Olive tree blossoms when I ascend to the little town of Nerano with its white-tiled church spire. My feet fly even though the steepness of the streets challenge them. I pass little... Read The Rest →



One of the reasons, I am so tremendously inactive on my own blog is the relatively new tool Exposure by Elepath. It’s a quick and easy way to showcase your photos and tell your stories on a modern, clean and exciting platform that makes sharing photos almost too easy. It’s so much fun to put together an album of your latest journey or press trip and it always looks stunning as the photographs simply get the space, they are made for: full size. You’ll love it Since I decided to... Read The Rest →

The Sound of Cornwall

Spotify Playlist

Well, travelling through Cornish lands isn’t always that easy. The roads are narrow, especially when driving through places that are even called “Mousehole”. But also on the countryside, Cornish roads turned out to be special. They have stony walls on each side. They look good, because – as it always happens in Cornwall – something is growing upon them. But still: You have to keep cool while driving on the “wrong” side. So we listened to a lot of music that made us happy and calm at the same time. Well,... Read The Rest →

Rural Beauty


This weekend we went to Hungary – Héviz to be precise. This place has the biggest completely natural thermal lake in the world. It was fantastic exploring the small town with a huge history. On the way back, we were overwhelmed by hundreds of canola fields. We simply had to stop and take some pictures, which I now share with you. Enjoy the yellow-mellow side of the Hungarian countryside. P.S. If you scroll all the way down you can even see me acting as a sort of product-placement for the... Read The Rest →

Food Feast Florida


As you might have noticed already – I am a foodie. I love food. There’s nothing bad about that, right? In my eyes, food is among the top three things there are on this planet. Imagine a steak melting slowly on your tongue. Isn’t that simply heavenly? As I love food (I mentioned that already, I know!) I want it to start my day with me, so breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Especially when in the US, I love to celebrate breakfast. No matter how short my... Read The Rest →

Secret Space City


This October I embarked on an interesting mission. Well – it started in Vienna International Airport. An airport I used to know quite well, but which has changed almost completely over the last few month. As I despise change as far as airports are concerned and prefer it the old – logic – way I got lost already before I checked in. Good for me: Even the people at the information stand weren’t able to provide me with decent information on where to check in. Luckily I proceeded to the... Read The Rest →

What a perfect day!


I did it. I finally let my portfolio swallow my blog. Blogger is no more. Or at least – not for me. I like to keep things simple and as I already engage in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Dribbble, I took the easy path and made two things one. In a nutshell: This blog is the new place, where I get my thoughts straight and show the world the pretty little things that make my world worthwhile. I don’t know, if you’ve realized it already, I’m blogging in English now.... Read The Rest →

Katharina im Hipsterland

Hipsterländer gibt es bekanntlich viele. Das von London heißt übrigens Shoreditch. Dort hab ich mich im April auf der Suche nach Fantastic Shoppe Fronts hin verirrt und war dann eigentlich ganz froh darüber. Warum? Das siehst du hier als Collage zusammengetragen. Ganz schmucklos und ohne Pomp. Hipsteresk eben.

Snap Snap Spring

Ich hab ihn geschnappt. Da hat war er einen Tag da und hat nicht drauf geachtet, unerkannt zu bleiben und schon hab ich ihn mir auf die Speicherkarte gebrannt. Den Frühling. Verraten, warum er dieses Jahr lieber grau als bunt trägt, hat er nicht. Vielleicht hat das ja was mit Stil zu tun?  Nun sehet diese Bilder, meine lieben Leser und erinnert euch daran, wie er sein könnte, wenn er nur wollte, der Frühling. 

Wir sehen uns vor 100 Jahren

Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass sowas wieder passieren würde – nicht mir! Nicht mehr! Und doch ist es geschehn. Einer Kritik in der Kleinen Zeitung folgend (seit wann mache ich das?) vertiefe ich mich an einem gruseligen Herbstsonntag in eine neue Serie. Sie heißt “Downton Abbey” und hat fortan mein Leben bestimmt. Diese 40-60 Minuten muss ich einfach jeden Tag zusammenkratzen, egal, ob es in der Mittagspause oder bis tief in die Nacht ist. Habe ich vor einem Monat immer das Buch dem Bildschirm vorgezogen, so hat sich das schlagartig... Read The Rest →

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